Employer Mandate Delay & Medicaid Expansion: Path to Total Government Control?

Dr. Vliet discusses recent events that combine to push us further down the road to government-controlled medical care by undermining the ability of private medical insurance plans to remain in business. The Obama administration announced July 3, 2013 that it would delay by one year the enforcement of the employer mandate provision of Obamacare that forces large employers to provide affordable healthcare for their employees or else pay a $2000 penalty per worker. By forcing individuals to purchase compliant healthcare plans but not forcing employers to provide those plans, Obama is creating a swell of 10-13 million workers who must enroll in health insurance, but cannot obtain it from their employers. Obamacare’s DUAL (individual and employer) mandates were ostensibly designed to ensure that Obamacare costs were borne by businesses, not taxpayers. But when the President decided to enforce only certain portions of the healthcare law and delay others, he shifted the cost of health insurance onto the backs of taxpayers, pushing more workers into the second class medical care of Medicaid-like programs controlled by the government…another huge leap toward their ultimate goal of single payer, nationalized (socialized) medicine for the US.

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