Medicaid Expansion Erodes Individual Initiative and Liberty

Just exactly what does the “Medicaid expansion” mean for the average person? Will you really have better or lower cost medical services? Or, will you be left out in the cold when you need to see a doctor because doctors have stopped taking Medicaid? Will your taxes go up even more to pay for medical care for other people when Medicaid is expanded to cover 133% of the federal poverty level?

The Medicaid expansion also means that older people on Medicare will have to be DENIED medical care to save money so that YOUNGER people can have medical care paid for with the expansion of taxpayer funded Medicaid.

Dr. Vliet and guest, Carolyn Cox, President of Tucson Conservative Forum, discuss how the expansion of government controlled Medicaid actually undermines our American traditions of self-reliance, autonomy, and liberty for self-determination as the cornerstones of our lives.

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