Obamacare rationing threatens your life

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  1. Dr. Donald Berwick, former head of Medicaid & Medicare Services: “The decision is not whether we will ration care—the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open.”
  2. Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Senior White House Health Policy Advisor: “The Complete Lives System:individuals between 15 and 40 years get the most substantial chance (at medical services)… the youngest and oldest get chances (medical services) that are attenuated.” (i.e rationed). (Lancet, Jan.2009, page 428)
  3. Rationing Board and Federal control of medical database set up in 2009 STIMULUS BILL –medical records go to Washington for government panel of experts to decide care.

Obamacare Goal: Government-controlled like British NHS for USA:

Rationing examples in the UK now:

  1. UK patients over age 59 are not approved for coronary artery stents.
  2. PSA screening is not done in the UK as it is in the US. Impact on life? Prostate cancer: 53% survival in UK, vs 92% survival in USA
  3. Screening mammograms only for women age 50 to 70, then stop. No upper age limit on
  4. mammograms in US. Breast cancer survival 25% lower in the UK than the US.
  5. Reduced detection of colon cancer and increased death rate in UK due to reduced screenings
  6. Prolonged waits (12-24 months) for knee, shoulder, hip replacement surgery. Largest group of medical tourists in India are from UK, getting surgeries they can’t get in England
  7. UK N.I.C.E. board DENIES Aricept for early stage Alzheimers when most effective, denies new drugs for breast, prostate, stomach, lung cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, myeloma
  8. UK patients with double vision are not approved for corrective surgery as we do in US. Told to wear a patch over one eye to eliminate symptoms. Cheaper, yes. Better quality of life? No.
  9. UK- Macular degeneration: Lucentis not approved UNTIL AFTER LOSE SIGHT in ONE eye!
  10. UK – reductions in steroid injections (back pain)-approvals reduced from 60,000 to 3,000/yr

Obamacare: NOT “Patient Protection,” NOT “Affordable Care” for SENIORS:

  1. Obamacare CUTS 716 BILLION dollars from Medicare services for seniors to redistribute the money to fund Medicaid care for younger people, including abortion services.
  2. IPAB: Politically appointed government panel of 15 (not doctors) decide your medical care based on your age, health, and “quality years” you may have left.
  3. Rising Medicare Insurance premiums for seniors: $104.20 per month in 2012. INCREASES to $247.00 per month in 2014 (Source: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Indiana)
  4. Treatments not approved by government panels not likely reimbursed by any insurance plan. All insurance plans (private, Medicare, Medicaid, VA, etc.) have to follow government requirements.
  5. Most Medicare Advantage customers will lose their coverage by 2017. Democrats slashed popular program for low-income seniors to shift money to Medicaid for younger patients.
  6. Restrictions on Medicare reimbursements for hospital re-admissions within month of discharge. Medicare Actuary estimates this will force 30-40% of hospitals to close by 2030.

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