Expanding MEDICAID = Bad Medicine for Your Health and Your Pocketbook


  1. Medicaid in Arizona is called AHCCCS – this is  “managed care” (HMO), not true insurance
  2. Very limited choices of doctors for AHCCCS patients – few doctors sign up because of major hassles with paperwork and poor payments for services
  3. AHCCCS patients lose the right to pay for doctor or treatments they choose
  4. Potentially life-threatening delays in treatment since few doctors on AHCCCS
  5. Risks with less optimal care: restricted medicine options on formularies, fewer new drugs and procedures allowed, limited treatment options for serious illnesses
  6. Big money paid to managed care bureaucrats – taxpayers foot the bill for huge cost, but money is NOT used for medical care for patients!
  7. Big cost to taxpayer for “free medical care,” people use MORE because they think it is “free.”
  8. Obamacare rules greatly increase number of eligible patients – more cost!
  9. Bait and switch: “free” federal money at first, when that stops, state taxpayers have to foot the bill.  Will bankrupt our state!

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