13 Reasons Health Insurance Exchanges are Bad for Your Health!


ObamaCare forces you to buy either a state, federal or employer health insurance “exchange” plan….or pay a TAX if you do not.  You only get government-approved and controlled plans, no choice of coverage to buy or choice of a low cost plan. 

  1. Exchanges “exchange” your freedom for more government control. It doesn’t matter whether the “poison pill” is STATE or Federal.
  2. Exchange mean fewer choices of health insurance policies for patients.
  3. ObamaCare Exchanges make medical care more expensive, more impersonal, and more layers of bureaucrats between you and your doctor – not less.
  4. Exchange plans are NOT true insurance. They are “managed care.” Bureaucrats decide the treatments you can have and how much money can be spent for your care.  Bureaucrats have more power to deny care, not less.
  5. Exchanges offer one-size-fits-all government controlled “plans.”
  6. Your private medical records will be sent to a Federally-controlled database – to be used by government bureaucrats to decide if you are a “high risk” patient.
  7. Exchanges mean higher medical costs to employers, so fewer jobs for Arizona.
  8. Employers will likely will drop current plans and put employees in “exchanges” since it is cheaper to pay the tax than to pay for health insurance policies.
  9. Doctors will be forced to follow the exchange plan’s guidelines for controlling “costs” even if not the best for patients.  Hospitals and insurance companies punish doctors for putting patients first instead of following cost guidelines.
  10. Health insurance premiums will cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars every month, but you have no control over how those dollars are spent or care you receive. Premium dollars end up wasted on administering plans, not on care.
  11. High-deductible and HSA plans give patients more choice and control won’t be available to most people on the exchange. These low cost plans offer greatest freedom to patients, but are less profitable to hospitals and insurance industry.
  12. If life-saving treatment is deemed too expensive your doctor or hospital can be prevented from treating you even if you want to pay out of your own pocket.
  13. ObamaCare Exchanges violate Arizona Prop 106 Healthcare Freedom Act.

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